Zeroconf networking

Attention Mac users, especially Mac users with laptops. Do you ever use Rendezvous for anything other than iTunes sharing (if even that)?

I’ve been playing around with it a little bit and it’s pretty cool. I threw together a single web page on my laptop and have Apache announcing it via mod_rendezvous, and we’ve used Rendezvous chat in iChat a bit around the house. I don’t have iPhoto 4 so I can’t do the picture sharing thing, but I don’t like iPhoto so I probably wouldn’t anyway. I had iTunes installed on my Windows machine at Earthlink and used it to share music and access other music shares on the network.

All of this is really only useful if I take my laptop out somewhere, like a cafe with a public wireless network or something. I don’t do this often, but when I do, am I likely to find anyone else using it? I like the idea of having all sorts of neat, Rendezvous/zeroconf-aware software, but most of the other apps available either seem to duplicate the functionality of iTunes and iChat, or are more useful in a work environment (eg, schedulers, address book sharing, project management, etc). One cool program I’ve found is Rendezvous Browser, which lets you check the local network for advertised services.

So what are other people doing with it? Are there any useful zeroconf apps available for other operating systems yet?


kscaldef says:

The only place I’ve used it was at OSCON, where about half the attendees seemed to be on Macs and most of them were on Rendevous iChat. It was pretty cool to be able to find all sorts of people without having to know their IM name.

SubEthaEdit is supposed to be pretty cool, but I haven’t played with it.

kchrist says:

See that’s what I’m talking about. That’s awesome.

I installed SubEthaEdit a while back just to check it out, but I really don’t have any use for it’s collaborative features, so I haven’t had occasion to really try it out. As a text editor, it’s so-so. It’s obviously the Rendezvous functionality that makes it what it is, and I’ve read good things about that aspect of it.