Amateur and unethical hosting companies

Nathan is looking for a co-location facility for a web hosting project he’s working on, and the other day he mentioned a company he found called Orange County Online. He mentioned something about their data center and told me to check out the videos on their site. As I was looking over their site a few things struck me:
  1. They offer “search engine optimization”, which is one of those things that can be perfectly legitimate, but is often sleazy at best and tantamount to spamming at worst. I also couldn’t help but notice all the keywords crammed into the bottom of most of their pages, including the front page of their site. 1998 called, they want their search engine strategy back. As far as I know, search engines don’t pay attention to this junk anymore and I think Google actually penalizes your site for it.
  2. They offer web site design, yet their web site is totally amateur and appears to have been created with MS Frontpage (but I repeat myself). All the pages on their site are in the root-level directory, which is unorganized as hell and really unprofessional looking, and all end in .htm, which is a dead giveaway that Frontpage was involved. When I looked at their HTML I saw that they also use JavaScript to try to disable right clicking on their site, which I thought was a trick reserved for camgirls and “internet models”.
  3. They talk about all the bandwidth they can provide, yet their promotional videos are hosted by Yahoo.

It turns out he was never considering doing business with them but just came across their site somehow and wanted me to see one of the videos. I almost wish he was though, as it turns out the company he is considering going with has a bunch of SBL listings, including some pretty major spammers. And not just any spammers, but Alan Ralsky and Scott fucking Richter, of all people! Looks like I won’t be taking him up on his offer of free hosting for my own stuff, as I prefer that my mail is actually delivered. Hopefully I’ll be able to talk him out of going with them, too.

Update: I’ve convinced him. He’s not going to do business with this spamhaus.