Getting out for a change

I ended up leaving Verislime immediately. I haven’t worked since last weekend. I figure I might as well take this opportunity to take a little time off before I start the new job, which I’ll be starting in the middle of next week. So now I can finally start going out again.

Rob was in town from NYC for a couple days for work, so Sarai and I met up with him Tuesday night for dinner at the Nob Hill Cafe. The food was good and our waitress was really cute. There were also these hilarious old lady twins there, decked out in identical, bright red outfits with matching red cowboy hats and fur coats. They caught us looking at them as they left and waved to us. Rob wanted to take their picture, but didn’t get the chance. Too bad.

Last night was Lucha Va Voom in SF. The show itself was great, of course, but the overall experience wasn’t as good as the LA show earlier this year. A big part of it was the lackluster crowd. A show like this really needs a loud, rowdy crowd, but last night’s show was full of squares and they didn’t really get into it. You could tell the MC was really trying to work the crowd but it just didn’t have the effect it should have. It did improve as the show went on, but still could have been better.

Tomorrow I have to drive back down to Mountain View to turn in my ID badge and RSA token to Verisign, and we’re going to check out the Computer History Museum while we’re down there. Sunday we’re having Thai brunch at the temple, which I haven’t been able to go to since I started work, then meeting up with Yen for the DNA Lounge Halloween party.


talaitha says:

lucha vavoom sucks compared to incredibly strange wrestling. esp considering that they had lucha-vavoom at hoochie-momma meat market venue. who all did you exect to show up? just saying. also, $40 for ringside seats???? at ISW it was same price for everything, and you go to throw tortillas at everyone/everything. hurrrrr.


kchrist says:

The Lucha show we saw in LA kicked ass. Also, don’t forget Lucha has hot dancers, not just wrestling. It’s a completely different thing.

talaitha says:

yes, i is working [up in coatcheck though]
you for sure you’re going yes? cause i only have 2 spots on the list.
but if yes, then you’re on it, just let me know if you change plans, pls.