Graveyard blues

Just to dispel the belief that working graveyard is all fun and games, here’s how my average Saturday and Sunday nights go:

10:00pm: Arrive at work. Get an extended rundown of what happened during the day, what’s left for me to do that night, and anything else the swing shift guy feels like telling me (he talks a lot).

11:00pm: Finish the work that was left for me. Read LiveJournal and Slashdot.

12:00pm: Check if anything new came in that I need to look at. Go back to reading Slashdot. Talk on AIM if anyone’s around. Make any needed international phone calls that can’t be made during the day due to time differences.

1:00am: See above. Maybe have lunch or dinner or whatever you call it at this time. I usually eat dinner before coming to work on weekends, and I eat breakfast when I wake up in the afternoon, so I guess the midnight snack would be lunch, just in the wrong order.

2:00am: Make coffee, maybe do some work on the new web site I’m working on.

3:00am: Listen to the graveyard customer service guy in the next row talk to himself. This is a nightly occurrence. A little while ago I heard him say “Jesus Christ this sucks shit on horseback”. I have no idea what he’s doing over there nor do I care to find out.

4:00am: Start slowing down. Back to reading LJ, Slashdot, or anything else that doesn’t require too much thought.

5:00am: Make more coffee if I want to be awake when the morning people come in.

6:00am: First morning guy comes in. Answer the same questions he asks me every weekend with the same answers (“No, no work to speak of”, “Yes, I’m tired”, etc).

7:00am: Struggle to stay awake for the 45 mile drive home, which is especially challenging after my Sunday night shift because I have to deal with Monday morning traffic.

I’ve found the only way to survive the night is to come prepared for anything I might need to help pass the time. I have my iPod for music, my laptop for coding, AIM, etc, a book, and my new French press. I bought the coffee press recently because the coffee in the break room is crap but I can’t get through the night without it. Also, an extra sweater because they leave the damn AC on all night (although it’s actually better than usual tonight).

I’d like to use this time more productively but when I’m this tired it’s really difficult to think straight, much less write code or even a coherent sentence. Staying up all night is another one of those things I used to be able to do no problem, but now it’s pretty difficult. To make matters worse, my body isn’t used to sleeping during the day so I’m usually awake again by noon after only three or four hours of sleep. Sometimes I can get a couple more hours of sleep later in the afternoon, but it’s not always easy. With any luck, I won’t be doing it much longer.


shadyl says:

Well, I hope that after my phone conversation with Chris Wang (?) who is the with the ISP you’ve applied for, you won’t have to deal with this much longer. My interaction with him seemed very positive and he knows you’re a good worker that I would hire back in a heartbeat. So my fingers are crossed once again for you. :)