Iomega USB flash drive

I just bought a 1 GB Iomega USB flash drive. I’ve been kind of wanting a USB flash drive for a while for no particular reason other than it might come in handy occasionally, but I could never justify the expense. Now, with the new job, I can think of a number of reasons that it will be useful so I finally went ahead and got one. I was also waiting until I could get a 1 GB model at a reasonable price, and they’re just now getting to that point. Iomega sells this one for $180, which is more than I was willing to spend on it, but I found one for $146 from CompSource plus a $30 mail in rebate, so that brings it down into the right price range (assuming I actually get the rebate check).

Given their history of quality control problems, I normally avoid Iomega products, but this one did really well on ARS Technica’s USB drive comparison (warning: article annoyingly split up over ten pages to maximize ad impressions) and they’re at the right price/performance/physical size/capacity point. And if all else fails, it’s got a three year warranty and I’m not going to have anything on here that I won’t also have on my computer at home anyway.

I’m using Unison to synchronize selected directories between my laptop and this drive. I’m already using Unison to sync my home directory between my laptop and desktop, but it works with two local sources as well, so it’s perfect for something like this.

This drive will hold Putty and Portable Firefox, for those times I’m stuck using a Windows machine without an SSH client or a decent browser, and a selection of Windows versions of useful Unix utilities. I briefly thought about trying out BitPal, which is an address book and calendar viewer with both Mac and Windows versions that can be run from the drive. It can import my Apple Address Book and iCal calendars, but it’s completely redundant because I already have this information synced to both my iPod and mobile phone.

What I do need though is a good, secure, cross-platform password manager. Any suggestions?