Life notes

Some notes:

We saw The Black Rider the other night. The tickets cost an arm and a leg, but we were in the fourth row and it was worth every penny.

This Tuesday we’re going to an EFF/BayFF event in SF, E-voting and the Upcoming Election, which will deal with electronic voting and the lack of security and accountability in the voting machines currently in use (eg, Diebold).

I’ve begun looking for a new job. I’ve only sent out a few resumes so far, but I’ve already gotten one e-mail back asking for more information on a couple of things. I’m going to follow up with them at the beginning of the week. I try not to get my hopes up about these things, especially before I’m even interviewed, but this job looks like it might be pretty decent.

We spent most of the day today in the city. We ate Ethiopian food, Sarai bought Nice Boots, and I tried to buy new plugs, but the ones I ordered at Braindrops haven’t come in yet. I ended up getting a couple things at Buffalo Exchange instead.

Tuesday morning I have to drive up to the Honda dealer in Corte Madera, where I bought my car, so they can replace the speaker that’s out. I spent half the day last Tuesday sitting in a coffee shop near there while they looked at it and neglected to call me when they were done, and now I get to go do it all over again this week. At least the coffee shop has free wireless internet.

Halloween falls on a Sunday this year. I’m trying to find someone to cover my graveyard shift for me that night so I can do something. I’m realistic, however, and am not counting on it. We also will not be going down to LA for Kyle’s Halloween party, as it’s on a Saturday, another night I work. I’m really tired of this schedule.

I’m starting to shop for a stereo receiver for the house. Our current stereo has pretty much stopped playing CDs and is only useful as an amplifier for our iPods. This isn’t a huge problem, since I recently bought good speakers for our desktop computer, but I’d still like to have an actual working stereo. All we need is a receiver/amplifier with a decent number of input jacks. A few (ok, maybe more) years ago you could get a two or three inch high box that did this for around $100. Now it seems the only ones available are these huge four or five inch high home theater head unit things, which are more expensive to boot. The size is a problem because I plan to put it on the TV shelf with the DVD player and VCR and the vertical space there is limited, not to mention huge stereo components like this are ugly. Can’t you buy small form factor stereo components anymore?


ohmeohmy says:

it took braindrops 4 months to get me the carnelian conch plugs i ordered. it is silly.

but kind of nice, as they came after i got laid off, and i’d already paid for them. so it was like free shopping! except not at all!

kchrist says:

I initially asked about mine maybe a month ago, and they said they weren’t sure that they could get what I want, and that they’d have to ask the guy who makes them and get back to me. The update I got yesterday is that they never got an answer from him, so they just placed the order anyway. I’m still waiting for a phone call.

On the up side, I haven’t paid for them yet, so if I see them somewhere else I can go ahead and buy them and Braindrops can just add the ones they ordered for me to their regular inventory.