Netflix now has RSS feeds

On my way to answer Tamera’s call for movie suggestions, I remembered that Netflix has integrated RSS into their site. I took a look and, sure enough, you can get your rental queue and current rentals delivered via RSS now. So instead of just copying and pasting it, I whipped up a little bit of PHP to pull the feeds and display them on the web.

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ohmeohmy says:

you’re clearly a genius!

hexed says:

Yeah, I’d be interested in getting the code for that. I don’t have a netflix membership yet, but at the very least I’d like to check it out under the hood and figure out how it works.

kchrist says:

Ok, here you go, all pretty and commented: netflix.class.php

There’s not really much to see though. You can use the RSS from my account to play around with it, since you don’t have your own:


Current/Recent rentals:

hexed says:

Cool. Thanks. I’m gonna’ mess around with this as soon as this game goes out the door.