New job (again)

Praise Jeebus, I GOT A NEW JOB. I’m going to be doing support and system administration for a tiny little ISP/web hosting/co-location/consulting company in downtown San Francisco. I’ll be taking a pay cut — it pays a little less than I was making at Earthlink and quite a bit less than I’m making now — but it pays enough, it’s a more interesting job, and I’ll learn a lot, which will help me more in the long run, unlike my current job at Verislime.

This job seems really perfect for me right now. I’ll be handling a few calls (they get maybe three or four a day) and the rest of the time I’ll be doing server configuration and maintenance, a little web development, and the occasional consulting job. They run Debian on everything, which is great because I’m more familiar with Linux than I am with BSD or any proprietary Unix, and I’m more familiar with Debian than I am with any other Linux distribution, so there won’t even be much of a learning curve (except that they use Sendmail, which I’ve always avoided).

The old job is over an hour’s drive each way. The new job is 35 minutes away and I won’t have to drive. This time figure includes the walking time from home to BART, the train ride itself, and the walk from BART to the office. It’ll cost me just under $6/day round trip, but that’s actually less than I’m spending on gas for my current 90 mile round trip in heavy traffic, not to mention wear and tear on my brakes, stress, etc. Now I can just sit back on the train and read.

So now I won’t be working Halloween night. We’ll probably be doing the DNA Lounge thing. I wish we could have gone down to LA this past weekend for Kyle’s Halloween party, which is always a good time, but at least I’ll be able to do something here after all.


raindrops says:


I don’t suppose they’re still looking, or did you fill their needs? I’m not quite ready to get back into that grind yet, but will be before the end of the year.

kchrist says:

Thanks. I’m so happy to be able to leave the job I’m doing now, I can’t even express it.

They only had the one opening. When I say tiny, I mean they have fewer than half a dozen employees, myself included. They probably won’t need to hire again unless someone leaves or their business increases drastically.

raindrops says:

I got the distinct impression from our last IM that you were entirely underwhelmed by that job/commute situation. So, this is definitely good for you.

I was just asking… I’m really leaning toward just picking up some contract work, but a steady job in The City wouldn’t be a bad thing. I wouldn’t mind something small (as in intimate, not petty) like that if they do have an opening in future.

Anyway, if you missed my other post, we’re moving out of the Mission to Nob Hil, rather than to North Beach, so you can still work that clutch if you care to come hang sometime.

Oh, I have a cell now, I’ll email the #.

darkviolet9 says:

The new job looks nice. And you forgot the best thing….. No Graveyards! Unless you still have to work graveyards…in which case, I’m sorry.

Yay! =)

shadyl says:

You’re welcome! (I KID! I kid…) ;) Congrats!!! He sounded pretty set on you when I talked to him yesterday, so I am not surprised. This ISP seems to know talent when they see it! Yay!

I think you will be sooooo much happier there! Ahhh, sounds like the old days of MindSpring when they first started up. I’d love to work for a place like that. And I am of the firm belief that a lot more money may be nice, but doesn’t mean jack shit when you are miserable. And less time on the road (and normal working hours) are definitely a bonus!

I hope you enjoy it there! What’s the name of the ISP, by the way?

kchrist says:

Yes! I get a normal Mon – Fri work week now so my weekends (and my sleeping schedule) can go back to normal.

miss_pixie says:

Congrats on getting a new job. This one sounds much better than the last one.

So, I might be coming to SF on the 13th of November. Chad, my boyfriend, is planning on going for an engagement party and asked if I’d like to go with him. I’ll let you know for sure as soon as I find out.


I worked graveyards for about 4 months years ago and never did get used to it.

kchrist says:

Thanks. I knew I wouldn’t get any kind of decent sleeping pattern working two graveyard and three day shift a week the way I was. But the alternative was working graveyard five nights a week and fuck that, that will totally disrupt your life. Never again.