Full-back HTML tattoo

Full-back HTML tattoo

(via BoingBoing)

If you’re going to get an HTML tattoo, you should at least make the effort to write valid HTML.


shadyl says:

Even though I don’t have any tattoos myself, I really like good artwork and images. That, however, has to be one of the dumbest looking things I’ve ever seen. Then again, I almost did go in for a small Atari Fuji logo, so perhaps I’d better keep my mouth shut.

hexed says:

Damnit, Kenn! My first thought was “I need to run that thru a validator and email him the resulting error messages”.

You beat me to the punchline!

kchrist says:

Laura, meet Sean (the guy who posted the comment directly below yours). He actually has an Atari tattoo, a bat from some old game.

At least I think he does. He’s been talking about it but now I don’t remember if he got it yet.

Also, surely you’ve seen BME’s geek tattoo section.

avitania says:

that’s horrible.