Heavily-armed BART police

BART Police

These BART cops were on the train on my way home from work yesterday. Protecting BART from those who hate freedom (including freedom of movement, apparently).

This picture sucks because I took it with my phonecam. I had my regular camera with me as well, but I thought it might not be a good idea to surprise heavily armed men with bright flashes of light.


kscaldef says:

Damn, that’s a big gun.

I would have gotten the crappy camera-phone shot, then asked them if you could take a picture with the real camera.

shadyl says:

Holy crap! What kind of trouble do you all have on your public transit out there? It’s worth saying again- that’s a big gun!

I sure hope they are holding on tight because if your trains are like our trains on MARTA, the operators like to see how many people they can jolt all around by randomly hitting the brakes for no apparent reason on a regular basis. I can see bad things happening if they weren’t holding on too tightly… geesh…

Yeah. So nice to see they’re keeping you “safe.”

raindrops says:

Can I snake that photo? (not directly from your server, I have my own bandwidth) :-)

kchrist says:

Sure, help yourself. It’s released under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.

(and now it’s on Flickr, not my own server)

Ofc. Nicey says:

Periodically, BART Police sweep the trains. In periods of heightened security, the SWAT Team deploys to trains and stations. Nothing to worry about, BART Police Officers have not fired a shot for decades.

Kenn Christ says:

Thank you Officer Nicey!

s white says:

good work sharing this phemonon, we have these heavily armed cops in NYC too…

smad says:

guns and nasty goatee.rot in jail

Matt says:

SO what? They are not harassing anyone or anything

Andrew says:

meh, i was in the baltimore airport a few years back and there were several officers wearing even more gear than that strolling around with G36K’s. i actually though it was pretty cool.

Patrick Henry says:

The NeoCons put the Islamic radaicals up to doing 9-11 (noto to mention provided intelligence, to help them).

The military industrial complex controls a the shadow government in the U.S. that has the real power, much more so than any elected officials.

9-11 has made many people extremely wealthy, and removed whatever final protections of our freedoms that were there after the dozens of Executive Orders since the execution of JFK and subsequent Coup, and Bills passed since 9-11 the false flaag opeation. Among these, anyone who protests can be deemed by secret tribunal to be a ‘terrorist’, arrested without warrant, and strippped of citizenship, property confiscated, and flown bound and gagged to a secret prison to be tortured, even killed.

This is today’s reality. Wake up.

Justin Hell says:

Video of innocent man being executed in broad daylight by BART police.

This is a police state


Justin says:

This is out of control. Why are they so afraid of us.