Hipster overload

We accidentally went to this annoying club called Popscene the other night. Kathleen Hanna was supposed to be DJing, but apparently threw a hissy fit about something and left. We had had our fill of bad hipster kids by that time and decided to leave ourselves.

Two things: 1) Armwarmers are not, and have never been, cool (even in the ’80s), and 2) When I was these kids’ age I had a real mohawk. Anyone wearing one of these so-called fauxhawks would have been severely laughed at. I did finally realize this hair style was inspired by the shower scene in Ferris Buehler’s Day Off (which I have still never seen in its entirety).

Tamera took us from there to a dive bar on skid row that was a bit more to my liking, but it was late and I had to work this morning, so we didn’t stay long.

Tonight is Le Tigre at the aforementioned Clear Channel-owned Fillmore. I’m sure the hipsters will be represented here too, but hopefully in smaller numbers.

Next week is Thanksgiving, so it’s a short work week. We’re driving down to LA straight after work Wednesday and will be staying at Sarai’s parents’ house in OC until Saturday. By happy coincidence, next weekend is also Release the Bats, so we’ll definitely be there.


darkviolet9 says:

Yay! See you guys at Bats! Will you be Pre-Loading?

kchrist says:

Of course!

(if moving away didn’t get us kicked out of the in crowd)

darkviolet9 says:

Well, as far as I’m concerned, you guys will always be in the in crowd! =P

angeldye says:

WOooHoo~ can’t wait to see you guys @ bats!