Shocked and disgusted

I, for one, am thoroughly disgusted. I was uncharacteristically optimistic about this election too.

I seriously don’t understand what people were thinking. I’m really afraid to see what will happen over the next four years now that Bush doesn’t need to worry about re-election. Blank check, anyone? Especially if he has a Republican-controlled Congress and Supreme Court.

I’m glad that those very few people I know who may have voted for Bush all live in CA where it didn’t matter.

If nothing else, this should give the Democrats a real kick in the ass and force them to come up with someone better next time, someone who has more than “I’m not Bush” going for him. Not that I particularly care for the Democrats — many of them are just as bad as the average Republican — but realistically speaking, they’re the only other option we’ve got until some real voting reform happens. Of course, the two major parties have no incentive to change a system that works in their favor, so this isn’t going to happen any time soon.

I hear parts of Canada are really nice…