Snotty Scotty at INBOX

Laura, my boss when I was at Earthlink, went to the INBOX conference in Atlanta last week, which covered the use of, and problems with, e-mail on a large scale, and featured speakers from a lot of large ISPs and companies that specialize in spam prevention. And where there’s talk of spam prevention, there are spammers. INBOX also had a surprise visit from none other than Snotty Scotty Richter:

I must say that the highlight and most disgusting moment of the show was when “Snotty” Scotty Richter himself showed up. Yes, grotesque spammer extraordinaire, Scotty showed up with his fat head and scuzzy cronies in tow. Sadly, my one picture of him is blurry and only of the back of his fat head as he scarfed down free food.

Scumbag Spammer