Thanksgiving Weekend

Other than the traffic both to and from LA, this weekend was very nice and very relaxing. As Sarai says, we got to do most of our favorite LA things and had plenty of time in between for just lazing around her parents’ house, reading, and watching Daily Show episodes on their Tivo.

Thursday we had Thanksgiving festivities with Sarai’s family, ate good food, and drank lots of wine. We also saw something I had never seen before: Wild parrots! We were at a family member’s house in Santa Ana and heard this god-awful racket coming from outside. We went out to find a flock of easily 100+ green parrots on the power lines and in the trees. It was really neat. I’ve heard about domestic parrots escaping/being released and thriving in the wild, but I’ve never seen it with my own eyes. Very cool. I wanted to take pictures, but this was the one day I didn’t have my real camera with me and, needless to say, the phonecam isn’t quite up to the task of getting a decent picture of birds that far away.

Black Friday was spent shopping, like good American consumers, but shopping to us means going to thrift stores and used book stores, which aren’t on quite the same level as, say, the mall. So it wasn’t nearly the nightmare any regular store would be. I ended up with six new books to add to my reading queue (as if there weren’t enough in there already), including a great Louis Wain book.

Friday evening we met up with the LA gang for Darren’s pre-load, Release the Bats, drinking too much, and watching Forbidden Zone afterward. While we were at Darren’s, we witnessed what happens when people are allowed to use the interweb unsupervised. Inspired by the recent story about someone filtering crap vodka with a Brita pitcher, Darren and co. decided to do exactly that. I took a bullet for science and tried the before and after vodka myself. They only had time to filter it four times, but, while the finished product was still a far cry from even decent vodka, the taste had improved noticeably. Shame it still smelled like rubbing alcohol.

Don't try this at home

Release the Bats was fun. We don’t get out a whole lot these days and, when we do, we don’t get to see anyone we know outside of the people we went out with. So it was good to visit our old stomping ground again and see people we haven’t seen in a while. While I wouldn’t drive to LA just to go to RtB, I would schedule my visits so they fall on the same weekend as the club if I have the choice.

Saturday we had lunch at Mi Piace and got an early start for home, thinking we’d be back by 6:00pm easy because all the holiday traffic would be on Sunday. We actually got home around 9:00. Still, I can’t imagine what today’s traffic must be like. A couple members of Sarai’s extended family live in Oakland and while they were smart enough to drive down Thursday morning instead of Wednesday night, they’re making up for it driving back up today.


darkviolet9 says:

Yeah, those wild parrots are cool one night. But every fucking evening for months on end almost makes me wish I had a BB gun… My backyard gets invaded by birds just about every night. Sometimes crows, sometimes parrots, always damned noisy for a few hours every freaking night! Gah! =(

angeldye says:

i want to kill you for yer louis wain book.