The Fillmore should fire their web monkey

My November 2004 award for the worst web site design ever goes to The Fillmore!

I was looking at their site to get directions for the Le Tigre show tonight when I noticed a link to a subdirectory called “newsite”. Bored, I ignored the “password required” bit and clicked it anyway, only to be presented with a JavaScript popup asking for a password. While JavaScript password protection is by no means a secure and reliable way to prevent access to web pages, it can be made difficult enough that most people, including myself, won’t bother trying to get past it. It’s not like I really cared what was in there, like I said, I was just bored and poking around. This JS authentication was a little different though: The link is obviously directly to an HTML file, not a JavaScript function like they usually are. So naturally I disabled JS in Firefox to see what would happen. I figured I’d probably be kicked out via an HTML redirect inside <noscript></noscript> tags. Imagine my surprise (not really) when I got right in. A cursory glance at the source of the page revealed how awesome their security really is:

if (prompt("Enter your Security Code", "") != "captaintrips") 

I’m speechless. Truly. Too bad they don’t have anything interesting in there.

I was also quite disturbed to see that The Filmore is owned by Clear Channel. I already felt disgusted that I had to give money to Ticketbastard for this show, but Clear Channel is even worse.


ohmeohmy says:

yeah, i couldnt believe le tigre is playing clear channel venues. sad! i even commented on it on my events section. but i bet it’ll be a cute show, and the fillmore IS a nice venue. just owned by choads.

ohmeohmy says:

p.s. sorry for being such a drunk retard. hope you guys at least had a little fun.

Kenn Christ says:

Stop worrying! We both had fun, even with all the walking we did.

My only regret is that I didn’t have the foresight to bring hipster bingo cards.

raindrops says:

Heh, they left out the messenger bag on that card.

Yes, OK, I have one, and carry it every day… but mine actually has useful stuff in it. Like weapons and an umbrella and rescue CDs for every Mac OS and a few linux distros as well. And my cell phone.