Car Thieves 2, Me 0

Remember that car I just bought? When I bought it, it had a brand new JVC CD player installed. I use the past tense now because, at some point last night, the CD player was relieved of its duties, leaving me with a gaping hole in the dash and a bunch of loose wires hanging out. None of my windows were broken, and I’m always careful about locking my doors, so they must have used a slim jim to get in. Oddly, they left the 12-disc CD changer in the trunk. The stereo was pretty nice, but it was still worth quite a bit less than my $500 deductible, so my insurance doesn’t even help any.

I think I see how this works now. If I have a nice car, the whole thing will be stolen, and if I have an older car with a nice stereo, just the stereo will be stolen. I think my next step is to leave my car unlocked and full of garbage at all times.