Generation of Swine

I’ve now finished Norwegian Wood and have started on Generation of Swine and The Lost World. I’m reading two books at a time lately, one lighter one that I’ll read in the evenings before bed, and one that I’ll read on the train to and from work, during my lunch breaks, or pretty much whenever.

I started Generation of Swine this morning. It’s a collection of writings by Hunter S. Thompson from the mid-1980s and I’m amazed at how topical some of it is. Every so often passages will jump out at me that could have been written today:

The ’86 elections will be critical. A Democratic victory would not change the world, but it would at least slow the berserk white-trash momentum of the bombs-and-Jesus crowd. These people have had their way long enough. — HST, 1986
Part of the problem is that our party doesn’t have any policies. It doesn’t have any direction. People know that. They’d rather go with a Republican they know than a Democrat, a devil they don’t know. — Gary Hart, 1987
I was awed … and also by the idea that this, the genuinely hideous Revelation of “St. John the Divine”, is generally assumed in Washington to be the long-range personal blueprint that Ronald Reagan will take with him for guidance when he goes off to meet Gorbachev in Geneva. — HST, 1985

And I’m only 50 pages into it so far. The more things change, the more they stay the same.