Holiday plans

This is a short work week for me. We’re leaving early Thursday and taking the day off Friday. Sarai and I will be driving down to LA early Friday morning for Xmas festivities with my family Xmas morning, and hers in the evening. I wouldn’t mind hitting Release the Bats again while we’re in town, as it’s conveniently also this weekend, but I don’t know that we can, in good conscience, go out on Xmas eve when we’ve only just arrived at Sarai’s parents’ house that afternoon.

I finished Generation of Swine this morning and leave you with one more quote:

It’s difficult for the ordinary voter to come to grips with the notion that a truly evil man, a truthless monster with the brains of a king rat and the soul of a cockroach, is about to be sworn in as president of the United States for the next four years… And he will bring his gang in with him, a mean network of lawyers and salesmen and pimps who will loot the national treasury, warp the laws, mock the rules, and stay up 22 hours a day looking for at least one reason to declare war, officially, on some hapless tribe in the Sahara or heathen fanatic like the Ayatollah Khomeini.

He’s talking about none other than George Bush Sr. And history repeats itself again.

My updated book list is now webified. I’m currently reading Understanding Comics at home and will be starting Smoke and Mirrors today.


ohmeohmy says:

goth club tomorrow before you go?

it’s kind of the SF equivalent to the parlour club-

kchrist says:

Maybe. Let me see what all we have to do before we leave Friday. We’re still working on putting together gift baskets and such.

We went to Dark Sparkle once last month at DNA. We haven’t been to Cafe du Nord, but I hear it’s pretty nice.

ohmeohmy says:

yeah, i dont like DNA - i only go to the du nord ones. it’s pretty and underground and slinky!

darkviolet9 says:

Well, if you decide to go, there will be a thingy at a place before… ;)

darkviolet9 says:

Duh! To Bats, that is. smacks forehead