Holiday recap

Rain, rain, rain (not you, Dave). There’s nothing quite like walking to and from BART when it’s cold, windy, and rainy. At least it’s not raining as heavily this morning as it was last night. But I hear monsoon season doesn’t really get started until January or February, so I suppose I had better get used to it.

My mother has been asking me to send her pictures of our apartment. She was thinking about coming up for Thanksgiving, but she broke her arm pretty badly just a couple days before and needed surgery. She now has a couple steel pins in her arm and is going through physical therapy. So no traveling for a while, even somewhere this close. Anyway, Sarai took a bunch of pictures yesterday to send her. Please note that the Xmas stuff in the living room is not a permanent part of the decor.

Speaking of Xmas, our holiday was pretty nice. Nice, but both tiring and relaxing at the same time, if that’s possible. Relaxing in that vacations are always nice, even if it’s only for a couple days and we don’t go anywhere interesting. Tiring in that the entire weekend was spent in non-stop motion. Too many family events, not enough time. We even made it to Release the Bats Xmas eve, despite not leaving Sarai’s grandparents’ house until after 11:00pm. That was a good time too. Being Xmas eve, it wasn’t as packed as it sometimes is, yet we still got to see most of the usual crowd.

I’ve got this Friday off work, so conceivably we could go back to LA for the Brokenhaus new year’s eve party, but the thought of making that drive twice in one week isn’t very appealing (we did enough of that during the move). We don’t know of any interesting, non-club, events up here, so I think we’re just going to stay home with the cats. Sarai’s grandmother gave us a bottle of champagne, so we’re set.