Reading list update

Reading list update: I’ve finished Good Omens and Jennifer Government, and am about 2/3 through Norwegian Wood, which is the best of the three.

Now that I’ve read it, I’m positive I’ve read Good Omens before. It must have been quite a while ago. I don’t remember reading it, but so much of the story was so familiar to me that I must have. It’s ok though, it’s was definitely worth re-reading.

Jennifer Government was better than I expected. I thought it was going to be, I don’t know, a hip commentary on consumerism or something, but it really didn’t take itself that seriously at all. It was actually really funny at times. It’s very light, I finished it in just three days only reading it before bed.

Tonight we’re going to Tamara’s show and birthday shindig. It’s right off the 24th/Mission BART stop, which would be very convenient if BART didn’t stop running at midnight.


bombus says:

hey, we are going to want a ride?

bombus says:

funny how a missing o changes the meaning, lets try again

we are going too, want a ride?

kchrist says:

That is a great idea. What time are you guys going?

My phone number, etc

ohmeohmy says:

But also, it is ok because we go on at 9, and the show MUST be over at 12. because it is a gallery and there are noise laws. dumb but it was the only venue we could find.

i’m so glad you’re coming!!!