Stupid Ebay users

I had a few Ebay auctions end today. Nothing interesting really, just some random books and t-shirts (somebody finally bought my last Earthlink t-shirt!). This evening I got the following e-mail from the winning (and only) bidder on this auction:

Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 14:32:23 -0800
Subject: I will be sending payment of US $5.50 shortly
From: ****
I didn't notice that you won't take PayPal or personal checks 
before I bid.  Too bad for me.  This is coastal Maine and the 
stores and Post Office are more than 10 miles away.  I'll get 
your money order off just as soon as I can.  If it isn't fast 
enough for you and you leave me negative feedback, you will 
also receive negative feedback instantaneously and, of course, 
I will also file a complaint against you with eBay. 
I have already added you name to my short-list of blocked 

What the fuck? It’s my fault you can’t read? Why are people such assholes?


ohmeohmy says:

That’s fucking bizarre. You should write back and ask if manners are also 10 miles away in coastal Maine.

To bad you can’t send the guy a knuckle sandwich.

avitania says:

wtf is WRONG with people? yeesh.

My reply would be “I like you. You’re funny” and then I’d block his email.

angeldye says:

what an ASSHAT! he must not want the book very much. I’d just as well NOT sell it to him. and then he can bugger off.

shadyl says:

I don’t know what the hell is up with bidders these days. I had the opposite situation where I only could take paypal on an item and the winner emailed afterwards and said they couldn’t get it set up. I’m like fine, send me a MO. It wasn’t worth arguing for the amount it sold for. At least, in my case, the person was really apologetic and not such a twat.

Not to show my ebay geekness, but how many feedback does that little turd have? WTF is his problem that he is blaming and threatening you for his stupidity and lack of reading skills? In any case, I’d add him to your blocked buyers list if you haven’t already. You could always “report” him, but who knows if that will end up in a blackhole like when some stuff that is reported to us. ;)