Car thieves 3, Me 0

My car was broken into again sometime over the past few days. This time I’m only missing a pair of gloves and my sunglasses. Good thing I hadn’t bought a new stereo yet. Oddly, my CD changer is still mounted in the trunk. I’m not going to be using it, so I need to pull it out and sell it ASAP (before someone does it for me).

For those of you keeping track at home, we’re up to one car theft and two break-ins in the five months we’ve lived here. Meanwhile, Berkeley PD prefers to ticket people for driving past all the stupid “Do Not Enter” signs around our neighborhood instead of, I don’t know, doing something about actual crime.


angeldye says:

jesus`! christ in heaven.. that really sucks ass. I’d expect that type of shit from down here… but damn…

penance_ says:

for reals that sucks the big bawls. why can’t this crap happen to evil people?