New Year

My New Year’s Eve was completely uneventful. We spent the evening drinking champagne and watching The Simpsons. The champagne wasn’t very good though, so we didn’t even finish the bottle. I went to sleep at 12:04. Happy new year.

Tonight I got a call from work. The other SA was working on the firewall in our co-location facility and it didn’t come back up after being rebooted, which left our web and mail servers inaccessible. The co-lo is in San Francisco, which is much closer to Berkeley than Paris, so I got the call to drive into the city and fix it. At least the work was nice and quick, even if the drive took longer than it needed to due to the rain.

I’ve finished Smoke and Mirrors and Neal Stephenson’s In the Beginning was the Command Line, which I somehow missed when I made my reading list before. The latter was pretty good, and funny too. I read part of it on the web a couple years ago but had never gotten around to reading the whole thing, even after picking up a copy used a while back. I’d like to read more Neal Stephenson, but I really don’t have time for the monstrosities he’s writing these days. I still plan to pick up The Big U but I think I’m going to hold off on his Baroque Cycle novels until I have the time for all 2,600+ pages of them. I expect it’ll be a while.