Synaesthetic Network evolution

After six years of running Synaesthetic Networks out of my house on a DSL line (not including the year or so it was co-located on the T1 feeding Mike’s neighborhood network up in Mt. Baldy), I’ve finally decided to shut down operations here and buy hosting for it. I took a look over Dreamhost’s offerings and found that I can do anything with their service that I’ve ever thought about doing on my own server, and it won’t cost me any more than I’m paying for DSL now, since I’ll be able to lower my service level a bit now that I’m not running a server at home. I’ll also get the added benefit of not having to admin the thing myself, worry about DSL outages, etc. Not that maintaining Debian is all that much trouble, but I’m doing it all day at work now and usually don’t feel like installing patches and such when I’m at home as well.

Current account holders will be hearing from me soon about the migration. You probably won’t even notice, except that you’ll have to reset your passwords on the new system.

Dreamhost’s New Dream Network started as a hobby only two years before Synaesthetic Networks went on-line. Now they’re a professional service with a 300+ server data center and a pretty involved community and I’m still running on one Linux machine in my home office. I’ve always liked the idea of building up something like this and would have tried doing it myself but, sadly, most of the ideas I’ve had in this direction over the years have failed to come to fruition, mostly due to lack of sufficiently interested people to do it with, lack of sustained interest on the part of the people I have talked about it with, and a lack of finances all around. Things just never really got off the ground the way I had hoped.

I won’t rule out bringing things back in-house (literally!) or, preferably, buying co-location rack space somewhere if I do end up expanding things in the future, but this new service is pretty full-featured — including multiple domain hosting, tons of users/mailboxes, mailing lists, etc — so I’ll be able to do quite a bit with it before having to look at other options.


shadyl says:

Out of curiosity, are you listing anyone as having referred you to Dreamhost? I have my “yet to be published site” through them and they do give credit for referrals… :)

In any case, even without anything other than private files and directories hosted on my site now, I’m really happy with them. Good price and great service!!! Mary (our beloved former Abuse boss) took heed and set up her own site through them. She seems equally as happy.

Kenn Christ says:

Too late, sorry. I already gave the referral credit to I figure it’s a better cause than someone’s personal web sites (not to demean yours, that applies to myself too, as well as another friend with a DH acct I didn’t give the credit to).

If you follow that link, please disregard the horrible look of the temp site. The real site should be on-line by the end of the month. Sarai and I have been writing the code for the girl who runs the site and it’s almost finished.