AOL vs. their users

AIM Terms of Service

[...] by posting Content on an AIM Product, you grant AOL, its parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, assigns, agents and licensees the irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide right to reproduce, display, perform, distribute, adapt and promote this Content in any medium. You waive any right to privacy. You waive any right to inspect or approve uses of the Content or to be compensated for any such uses.

(via Slashdot)

So anything you talk about on AIM is subject to monitoring by AOL. I especially like the way they come right out and say “You waive any right to privacy”. Like e-mail, AIM was never meant to be a secure means of communication, but I would like to think that AIM users could have at least a reasonable expectation of privacy.

I know my ISP can read all my e-mail if they want to, but I trust that they have more respect for their users than that. They also know that if they get caught doing it, people will drop them so fast their heads will spin. ISPs and web hosting companies are a dime a dozen, and there’s usually very little differentiating between any two. AOL, on the other hand, apparently feels that they can afford to piss off whoever they want. They know how difficult it is to change IM services.

I personally think everyone should move to Jabber.