It smells like an airport runway

After driving down to LA this past weekend, I’ve come to the conclusion that my weekends are too short. We left Friday evening after work and arrived after midnight. We started driving back mid-afternoon Sunday and arrived home after 11:00pm. We spent almost as much time on the road as we did in LA. It seems like such a waste of time, doing all that driving. I’d give up driving there entirely and start flying if not for the fact that it’s impossible to do anything in LA without a car. Paying for airfare and then a rental car is just too expensive. What I really need is longer weekends. Where’s my four-day work week?

I thought about finding something to do Saturday evening, but after the long drive Friday, then driving all over visiting my mom and doing other stuff Saturday afternoon, I just wanted to sleep. We had dinner at Sarai’s parents’ house with a bunch of family and I took a nap while everyone else was still in the other room talking after dinner. I feel like I spent the entire weekend being tired.

We did do most of what we wanted though. We got to go to Ruby’s for veggie burgers, picked up a bunch of good, free booze from my mom, went used book shopping at Acres of Books, and had coffee and cheesecake at The Library, a coffee shop in Long Beach a couple miles from downtown. I didn’t do so well at the bookstore, but I did find a copy of Confessions of a Mask by Yukio Mishima that I’m going to start reading today. We visited to Levon’s new tattoo studio and both got touch-ups. I had my forearm pieces gone over again. This is the third time we’ve done it, and hopefully it will be the last. White ink takes a lot of work.