Netflix friends

Thanks to a comment on Becci’s recent post, I just found out Netflix has a friends feature (link only works for logged-in Netflix users) where you can see how other people rated movies they’ve seen. It looks pretty neat, but it’s hard to tell without a bunch of people on your list to compile reviews from.

The process is really convoluted. You have to request someone’s permission to put them on your list. If they approve, they will be added. Presumably, they can decline, in which case nothing happens. I don’t know if this approval goes both ways (ie, you will then be added to their list as well) of if they then have to request permission from you if they want to see your ratings. I’m not sure if I’m understanding this correctly, it’s really confusing.

The form says that, when adding people, you should use the e-mail address they signed up with. But if you don’t know it, you can enter any address of their and Netflix with “do [their] best to recognize them”. I have no idea what that means. At first I thought it would just send a request to any e-mail address you enter, which would result in a nice referral/free advertising for Netflix if it’s sent to non-subscribers, but now I’m not so sure. More confusion. They could really benefit from a good documentation writer.

Anyway, I want to try this out. I’m sure I know a fair number of Netflix users, but I couldn’t guess who exactly off the top of my head. Netflix users I know should send friends list requests to kchrist at speakeasy dot net.