New York, New York

New York was nice, even if it was a bit cold. I had never been there in the winter before but it wasn’t as unbearable as I had built it up to be.

It actually wasn’t too unpleasant at all. The days were around the mid-30s and it got down to the mid-20s or so at night, but everywhere we went was nice and heated and we didn’t really spend much time outside other than walking to and from the subways. I dressed appropriately, so I was pretty well prepared for it: I had my big, knee-length wool/cashmere coat, sweaters, gloves, and a nice, thick scarf Sarai made me. The only thing I was missing was a knitted hat, which I bought from a street vendor our first day there when my ears were freezing off.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the little bit of snow on the ground was about the most NYC ever really gets. I guess I had imagined trudging through three feet of snow everywhere we went, but it was mostly just small piles and drifts off to the side of the streets and sidewalks. In Manhattan there was hardly any at all, just a little ice and slush around the edges of things. It only snowed once, the evening we arrived, and Sarai tells me that was about as bad as it gets.

We went to the Met on Saturday and made fun of The Gates in Central Park. The rest of the weekend was spent sleeping late, eating good food, and bar hopping. I drank mostly whiskey — vodka tonics and martinis don’t warm you up quite the same way a good bourbon or scotch does.

This trip was something of a landmark in that it was the first time since 9/11 that I didn’t have my bags searched by the TSA goons at the airport. Other than getting yelled at once because I put my laptop in the same tub as the case (???), I got through the checkpoints pretty painlessly. They didn’t even make me turn my laptop on the way they usually do. I’m usually subject to the full carry-on bag ransacking, complete with wiping everything down with their magic explosive-detecting handy-wipes. I had seriously been wondering if I got on one of the secret blacklists somehow.