Resist and Exist

I went to see an old friend’s band, Resist and Exist, at 924 Gilman last night. I knew Jae back around 1990 or so when I used to hang out with the LA/OC peace punk scene and hadn’t seen him for probably the past ten years or so. I didn’t know his band was still around — I’ve been completely out of touch with that scene for a long, long time.

We missed the first three bands of the six scheduled to play, and of the last three, Jae’s band was the only one I liked. The first band we saw was described to me as “tribal grind”; they did Native American-themed grindcore, which has never been my thing. The second band was pretty much just loud noisy punk rock, with really nothing interesting about it. We went outside a few songs into their set.

We came back in as Jae and the rest of the band were setting up. They sounded pretty much just as I expected them to. They were much better musically than the previous band, and more to my tastes than the grindcore band before that. They’re not the kind of thing I listen to much these days, but I can still appreciate it once in a while.

Resist and Exist

Photo: Resist and Exist, with Jae Lee on vocals. The duct tape holding up the banners kept coming unstuck and had to be re-taped half a dozen times before their set was finished. This was taken with my phonecam, which is why the picture quality is so bad. I didn’t think to bring my regular camera with me.


saraicat says:

Did the photo of the bloody-head mohawk guy not come out?

kchrist says:

Not at all. It was dark and really blurry. You could see he had a mohawk if you looked closely, but I could barely make out the blood even knowing it was there. Too bad.