What’s in my bag?

What's in my bag?

A bunch of people have been posting the contents of their bags and backpacks on Flickr with the tag “what’s in your bag“. So here’s mine. It’s surprisingly empty at the moment because I just went through and took out a bunch of stuff I don’t need anymore, including an umbrella, hat, and gloves, which I don’t need now that the weather has warmed up. I also didn’t include my iBook in the picture because I don’t normally carry it unless I know I’m going to need it for something.

Flickr is much more usable now that the FlashBlock extension for Firefox has a whitelist. It was always a pain to have to manually load every photo on the site due to their horrible misuse of Flash. But with the latest version, I can set to always allow Flash for their site while still blocking everyone else.

I’ve also recently found a third-party Flickr client much better than the buggy, poorly designed one available from their site. I’m using 1001 and it seems pretty good (despite the stupid name). I’ve only used it for uploading so far, but the image stream looks promising. Once I find more people I know on Flickr, I’ll try it out.