More book stuff

I’ve revised my book list again. Now it shows what I’m currently reading as well as my three most recently read books and the entire to-read queue. I got tired of continuously changing my mind about where books in progress should be listed, as they didn’t really fit in either “Recently Read” or “To Read”.

We went to Goodwill yesterday, which means I’ve added a few more to the list. I picked up Kim Stanley Robinson’s A Short, Sharp Shock and Antarctica. The latter I already own, but my my copy is pretty worn. I also got Ringworld Engineers by Larry Niven. I’ve read the original Ringworld, but haven’t read any of the others (or anything else by Niven except Fallen Angel, which was terrible). I understand the original is something of a SF classic, but I didn’t think it was really all that great. It wasn’t bad though, and the idea of the ringworld was interesting, so I’ll give this one a chance.

The last and most interesting find was a children’s-style book called The Littlest Republicrook. I had no idea CafePress published books. This is a great story about a Canadian squirrel named Nutty who comes to the US to work for the “Republicrook” party.

A big truck was coming down the street, the kind used in 4th of July parades to hold small Dixieland bands or groups of hula girls or one giant cow, and it was all decorated in American flags and banners announcing “TAX RELIEF!!!”. There atop a bale of hay was the Cowboy Monkey President himself, Clueless George!

All the characters in the book are portrayed as animals. Dick Cheney is a vulture named Vulk Shameless. Priceless.

Vulk Shameless