Well, the Temple Bar was a bust. We arrived around 9:30 Saturday evening, a time at which you’d expect any bar to start filling up, especially on a night with DJs scheduled and flyers up around town. There were three other tables in use at the time, with the majority of the place empty. One group came in while we were there, and everyone left not long after, leaving us as the only customers in the bar at 11:00. The proprietor explained, just before throwing us out, that they don’t have much of a regular crowd because of their irregular hours of operation.

The decor was interesting. Not what I would expect from a place that advertises itself as a tiki bar. The description we came up with at the time was kind of a Victorian-Hawaiian fusion. Weird.

The drinks were the best part of the evening. They have a pretty good tropical drink menu, with everything costing only $5. I had a Blue Hawaiian and a Midori Colada, a Pina Colada with the addition of Midori. There were a couple others I wanted to try, but we were kicked out so early that I didn’t get a chance to. I think we were all getting a little bored anyway.

I double checked that flyer on the telephone pole on Monday thinking that, I don’t know, maybe there’s some other Temple Bar in Berkeley or something, but no, the flyer had the correct address and everything. I guess it was a cruel joke after all.

I’ll go back, but I won’t go too much out of my way to. It’s still good to know there’s a source of frozen drinks available nearby for this summer, assuming I can ever catch them open again.


miss_pixie says:

Next time you’re in town we’ll go to the Tiki Ti for drinks. You’ll love the place.

kchrist says:

We definitely will. I have yet to actually make it there, but I’ve heard good things.