The albatross has flown

After three and a half months, my car has finally sold.

For anyone who can’t keep track (and I can’t blame you, at this point), this was the 2000 Civic Si I bought last September after my Integra was stolen. I’ve had it on the market since the beginning of the year and have had almost no interest. And I thought these cars were in high demand. I had to take quite a bit less than I originally wanted, and a little less than I actually still owe on it, but I don’t care. It’s gone, and with it the only debt I had, so I’m happy. It had become a real albatross the past couple months. My insurance dropped by a nice amount too.

I really hated the guy I sold it to though. He seemed really dodgy. He kept asking me the same questions over and over about accidents (none) and mechanical problems (none) and work I’ve had performed on it (none, outside of routine oil changes). He even wanted me to let him take it to a shop to have it inspected this afternoon, leaving me his driver’s license as collateral. Yeah, right. Then, this evening, he called at the last minute with some sketchy sounding story about waiting for some repairs to be done at his office and could I meet him there? No way, sorry. He eventually showed up this evening and started in on the questions again. He didn’t even want to hand me the bank check until he saw the bill of sale I had filled out. He originally wanted to pay me in cash but that sounded too sketchy. I don’t want to have that much cash on my person, and the way he asked just sounded really suspicious. The entire time I was half-expecting him to pull out a gun or something and take off the the money and the car. But all eventually went well, assuming the bank check isn’t forged, which I guess I’ll find out soon enough.


avitania says:

we recently sold our 2001 Civic EX after having it on the market for about a month — which is the longest time it’s ever taken us to sell a car. we thought it would go quickly, even pricing it lower than the other cars with similar mileage. i was under the impression that selling a Honda would be a snap, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

we also hated the person we sold it to. although in a different way — she was this totally annoying Porsche Cayenne driving soccer mom, who was buying it for her 16 year old son. she was one of “those” moms who didn’t like the color, didn’t like the tinted windows (which her son thought were “sick” – i found out that “sick” is the new “cool.” i feel so old.), and made her son sign this totally stupid “contract” saying that he wouldn’t trash the car. lame. of COURSE he’s going to trash the car, he’s 16 and didn’t pay for a dime of that damned car. i hope the first thing he does in that car is smoke a bowl. heh.