Tiki Bar Saturday

There’s this really great looking tiki bar here in Berkeley called the Temple Bar. I say “great looking” because we have yet to actually go there. But not for lack of trying. They are a restaurant and bar, but they’re only open weekend evenings. Further, they also do catering, and will not open the bar if they have a catering job that day. We’ve tried to go there at least five times now with no luck. I got as far as talking to someone on the phone once who confirmed that they haven’t gone out of business, but she also told me they wouldn’t be open that weekend. Of course.

But it looks like we may finally get our chance! Unless this is come kind of cruel joke, they will be open this Saturday!

Temple Bar Flyer

I don’t know anything about this DJ Willow who’s appearing that night, but at this point I don’t really care, just as long as I get my tropical drinks. Upon googling, I think he probably spins some kind of electronic/dance music. I would much prefer the live Hawaiian music I was promised in the bar reviews I’ve read, but whatever, I’d go there on gospel night if I had to.


mondae says:


And if they fail to be open YET AGAIN, we’ll burn the motherfucker down. Or maybe just quietly go somewhere else. Something.

babystrange says:

i’ve made plans to be out barhopping in san francisco saturday night, but maybe i’ll harass patrick on my way back to the east bay and see if you guys are still there.

how did you like my drive-by hi yesterday. i am such a dork. please ignore the antisocial retard behind the curtain.


kchrist says:

Come hell or high water.

I’ll give you a call Saturday afternoon.

mondae says:


I will plan on being awake.