Windows text editor needed

Speaking of editors, can someone recommend a good, simple text editor for Windows? I’m basically looking for a Notepad replacement for those times I have to use a Windows machine.

My requirements:
  • Free. Self-explanatory.
  • Simple. I don’t need an IDE or code editor. I’m looking for just a simple text editor. I don’t need any fancy features.
  • Smart. Must be able to cope with Unix line breaks and save files using them. This is why I don’t use Windows Notepad. It should also have good search and replace capabilities.
  • Small. I want something that can run from a single executable or directory so I can put a copy on my USB drive. I don’t want to have to install anything.
  • Fast. It needs to open pretty much instantly. This is usually a result of being small and simple.
I’m currently using Notepad+, which I’ve been using since the late ’90s. It’s been out of development since then as well, so there’s next to no chance its few bugs will ever be fixed, unfortunately. It meets all my criteria above except that it saves files with Windows-style line breaks, which can be a major headache. I’m sure I could benefit from something a little more modern.

Update: I found Win32Pad which, despite the terrible name, meets all my criteria above. The only thing I wish I could change is that it saves files with Windows-style line breaks by default. I can change them to Unix and re-save, but I’d rather have it default to that unless told otherwise. Still, this is minor thing so I can’t complain.


anonymous says:

Try notetab light I like it.

anonymous says:

I use UltraEdit 32, but that may be a bit bloated for your purposes. (SJessey)

anonymous says:

I’ve used VIM on win32 – saved files with/without Windows line breaks (was a toggle choice in Preferences. You could use VI commands or standard Notepad-ish keystrokes to manipulate files.