LA over Memorial Day weekend

We decided yesterday that we want to drive down to LA for Memorial Day weekend. Making this trip on a regular, two-day weekend only gives us a day and a half at best, which is just not enough time. Last time we went down for two days, after spending time with both families, we didn’t even have the time or energy left to go out. So longer weekends are definitely preferable.

I’m going to leave work mid-day Friday so we can get to LA in time for Release the Bats that night. Other weekend plans are the usual trip to Acres of Books, a visit to my mom, and possibly a stop by Mission Liquor in Pasadena because I still haven’t found anyplace around here that sells Youri Dolgoruki for under $50/bottle (Mission Liquor has it for $30).

Anyone up for Tiki Ti on Saturday? We want to hit at least one tiki bar while we’re in town, and neither Sarai nor I have been there yet.

Update: I just confirmed that I can get away early Friday, so we will be at Bats.


miss_pixie says:

I’m sooooo up for the Tiki Ti on Saturday!!! huge grin

darkviolet9 says:

WooHoo! Where is Tiki Ti? I might be up for it… we’ll talk at Bats. =)

miss_pixie says:

Tiki Ti is in Hollywood. If you want you could meet us at my place.