The Onion Router

The EFF event at 111 Minna last week was pretty good. Rob surprised us by being in town from NYC that night, so he came along with Sarai and me. I’m glad he wasn’t too bored by it.

I thought Tor was interesting before, but now I want to actually try it out. I still don’t have much need for anonymity, so I don’t expect to use the client very often1, but now I’m thinking about putting up a Tor server. They’ve got around 150 servers currently, but need as many as they can get at this point. More servers will make the network more reliable and secure.

Since I’m not running my own web and mail services from home anymore, I have an extra IP address and server I’m not using for anything. The only problem is that the full tower it’s in takes up more space and uses more power than I’m willing to give it for this. To solve this problem I’m thinking about picking up a mini-ATX case and mainboard, something as small and as quiet as possible, and moving the rest of the hardware over to that. Something I can install Debian on, stick in the closet, and forget about.

1. I was actually installing the Tor client on my laptop as I began writing this, but the installation failed for some reason. The Tor installer configures it to run at startup, but OS X 10.4 (“Tiger”), which I just installed the other day (review forthcoming), has deprecated the old Unix-style startup scripts in favor of launchd, so that may have something to do with it. Maybe I’ll wait a little while for the next update and try it again then. I can’t be bothered to sort it out right now (maybe the big blended rum drink I just finished has something to do with that).