Unix worm?

I just got the strangest e-mail. It was addressed directly to me, but not to my main e-mail account. The From: address may or may not be forged, but the domain is accurate, it actually originated at Boston University. I don’t know anybody there.

Received: from acsrs3.bu.edu ([])
          (envelope-sender < ********@bu.edu>)
          by mail2.sea5.speakeasy.net (qmail-ldap-1.03) with SMTP
          for < ********@speakeasy.net>; 23 May 2005 20:55:01 -0000
Received: (from ********@localhost) by acsrs3.bu.edu (8.13.1/BU_Server-1.3)
          id j4NKrM5L062070 for ********@speakeasy.net; Mon, 23 May 2005
          16:53:22 -0400
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 16:53:22 -0400
From: ********@bu.edu
To: ********@speakeasy.net
Subject: I'm sending this from the Unix command line - I can teach you to
 access your data!

Attached was a file, Hello.pl, a two line Perl script that could never actually run, as it lacked the shebang line at the top:

print "Hello World\n";

print "Next thing to print\n";

And that’s it. Two lines, 55 bytes. Weird.