Voices from Catland 4.0 release notes

Changelog – What’s new?

Everything! The entire site is new!

Actually, a fair amount of it was copied verbatim from the previous version, but the design is new and most of the older content has been at least partially re-written for this version.

Known Issues – What’s broken?

Javascript incompatabilities

The following problems are specific to Internet Explorer. Both these things work fine in Firefox and Safari.

  • Moving your mouse over the navigation menu on the left should cause a line of text to appear at the top right of the page with a brief description of each section.
  • Submitting the contact form with incomplete or invalid information should fail client-side validation and an error should display in the HTML below the form before submitting the information back to the server. Server-side validation still catches any problems, of course.


The horizontal navigation bar on the calendar pages does not stretch all the way across the page the way it should. This is due to differences in the way different browsers handle the CSS box model; getting multiple block-level elements to line up horizontally and fill exactly 100% of the available space in browsers that have different ideas of how much room each element should actually take up is a pretty big challenge. The problem remains because I’m stubborn and refuse to put the navigation in a table.

To-Do – What’s not finished?


The journal on this version of the site is pulled from LiveJournal via RSS. This may eventually be replaced with a local WordPress installation. At this time, or sooner, I will have a full local archive of my previous journal entries.

Cat Pictures

I have a million pictures of my cats just sitting around, yet only a few on this site. I will add more.