Voices from Catland

Sean beat me by three days. He didn’t know we were in competition, and neither did I until he posted about his new web site the day after I had planned on having mine finished.

After working on my new site off and on for well over a year, May first was the deadline I had given myself to have it completed and up. That had to be pushed back a few days during the late testing phases (ie, last week) due to the fact that, while it displayed perfectly in both Firefox and Safari, Internet Explorer on Windows, predictably, completely mangled it and I didn’t have time to work around all its rendering problems by my target date.

But the major problems have been fixed, and the minor ones IE users will just have to live with for now. The site is entirely valid XHTML and the layout is nearly (about 98%) pure CSS. I’m proud to say that, while I do have to do some browser sniffing, I’m only changing one CSS value for IE users. The backend is PHP and I’m making heavy use of mod_rewrite and Apache’s content negotiation to keep the URLs nice and readable.

I’ve tested it as well as I can, but can’t rule out the possibility of problems in whatever oddball browsers people may be using. Please report any problems here or via e-mail.

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hexed says:

I like it! Looks great! And the cats in the header crack me up!

angeldye says:

WAIN cats RULE!!! i am jealous that you scored the nice wain book for cheep. I’ve been wanting for a long ol’ time.

but really, the site needs more pussy.

shadyl says:

The page looks really good! You should post a current picture of “Honey” in the cat album, though. I’ll take a nice portrait shot of her if you’d like. She’s still family after all. ;)

I never thought I’d feel “homesick” seeing shots of EarthLink in CA. Even though those were shots from before I got there. I’d forgotten already about the Star Trek picture on the window. Who the hell was that guy again? He was the guy with magical vampire staff or something? hahahaha