We’re all designers now

Difference between Japan and US

… if you are doing something that a computer can do, or that can be done by someone else for less money, or that is not in great demand (either because nobody wants it or because the supply is already so great), you better start looking at enhancing and evolving your right brain skills. Design is one of those. Really, we’re all designers — at least with a lowercase “d”. We’re all trying to create solutions. But we should all — ALL OF US — be adding design to the list of “must learn” topics for this year.

(via Gaping Void)

I was actually thinking recently about whether visual design sense is something that can be learned, and more specifically, how difficult it would be to improve myself in this area. Design has always been a weak point of mine. Sure, I could learn to really use Photoshop and such, but tools do not a designer make. I guess what I’m really talking about is the difference between learned skill and natural talent. I don’t think I have a lot of natural talent in this area, but maybe that’s a result of not having learned the skills to develop it? If I work on improving those skills, might I find at least some small degree of talent I didn’t know I had?

I guess there’s only one way to find out. So, with that in mind, I’ve added the two books recommended in that article to my already stuffed-to-overflowing list of books I want to buy in the near future (not to be confused with the big list of books I already own but have yet to read).

Coincidentally, it turns out that the blog I linked to above, which I just discovered this morning, is written by the authors of O’Reilly’s Head First series. Head First Java, which Sarai bought for school last year, is already on our bookshelf and on that same to-read list.