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Sex sites get dedicated net home

A proposal to create net domains ending .xxx has been approved by the body that oversees the net’s addressing system. Sexually explicit sites will be encouraged to move to the new domains to make it easier for people to filter and avoid them.

(via Slashdot)

ICANN proves once again that they have their collective heads up their asses. Adult web sites are supposed to pay money to buy new domains under this new TLD just so it’s easier for people to avoid them. Of course they’ll have to continue paying for their existing domains too, so their current users can still find them, so links to them don’t break, and so on. So the result is that they pay more money and don’t actually gain anything. How does this make any sense whatsoever? This also paves the way for people to start pushing for legislation to force pr0n sites to move to .xxx exclusively, which opens up the whole “art or pornography” can of worms.

Someone remind again me who thought this was a good idea? Jonathan Robinson, of the domain registrar Netnames, says in the linked article, “To my mind though it’s quite an elegant solution”. Oh yeah, follow the money.

When you consider the fact that the internet is a lot more than just the web, creating new top-level domains solely to describe web site content is stupid in itself. Hint: URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. If it was a descriptor there would be a D in there somewhere.

RFC 3675 explains it far better than I can (pun not intended, but still funny).