Linux Distributions

As a follow-up to my last post, I just found a fairly recent Linux distribution survey by Netcraft that shows Redhat as the most commonly-used distribution for web servers, with over twice as many active sites as its closest competitor.

In second place is Debian, which is my personal preference and also the one we use primarily at work. I’m a little surprised that, even in second place, Debian is this far behind the leading distro. Debian is known for its stability and security and one gets the impression that this is what serious servers are running. As well as the company I work for, both my web host and ISP are running Debian.

The fastest-growing distro is Fedora, which was in fifth place at the time of the survey, but had its numbers more than double since the previous survey six months before. Fedora is based on Redhat, so this increases the number of Redhat-like systems even more.


kscaldef says:

Hmm… I’ve always felt like RH was the distro that companies run. (Or, at least, companies that are in the business of doing something other than managing servers.) RH has brand recognition and a well-established support system, which makes them appealing to companies who aren’t primarily in the IT business.

kchrist says:

I think you’re right where the corporate market is concerned. I guess I’m used to looking at things from the ISP perspective where Debian is probably more prevalent. That’s not the market that needs the support that is Redhat’s selling point, and for the most part they aren’t going to care about using the big brand name (unless, of course, they in turn are going to use that as a selling point to their customers).