LiveJournal News

In LiveJournal’s May news post the other day, they announced some great new journal styles. The one I was using was table-based, which meant that any time someone posted large pictures or URLs, my friends page would widen so that I had to scroll horizontally to read everything. Malformed HTML in peoples’ posts would also break it pretty badly. It was annoying, but not annoying enough for me to figure out how to design my own LJ style. So imagine my delight when these new styles are released which are a) nicer looking than my old one, and b) CSS-based, which means that long lines or images will overflow, rather than stretch, the containing elements.

The style I chose is called Tranquility II, with the “Money” theme, which makes it green. I only had to make a couple small adjustments to the default CSS. It used a fixed-width of 800px, which I changed to a variable width of 100%, and I changed some of the font and text sizes a bit. It’s a little nicer looking now, and easier to read.

They also announced some job openings in San Francisco. I’d totally be into working for Six Apart and I’d apply for the system administration position in a second if not for the fact that it requires more Redhat experience than I have. Even after running it on my workstation for my last few years at Earthlink, I’m not very familiar with it on servers. This isn’t Linux distro snobbery — I just haven’t had the opportunity to work in a Redhat production environment. I would actually like to improve my skills in this area, as it seems to be a popular choice.