Organizational tools

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned numerous times, my work gives new meaning to the word disorganized. Anyone who knows me knows I have some minor OCD tendencies, so one can imagine the fits this throws me into. I’ve found myself (over)compensating by getting into GTD and organizers and all kinds of cool productivity pr0n as a result.

These are some of the things I’m using currently. This list is mostly 37signals stuff, which is particularly nice, being web-based and pretty and full of all kinds of AJAX-y goodness. Web-based apps are great for work because I don’t have the time or the inclinatin to download and evaluate a million different applications looking for something I like. If I ever get a Mac here I’ll be fine, but until then web-based is the way to go.

Until I get a Mac at work, I can only use DEVONthink at home. I keep pretty much everything in here now: notes to myself, info on various things I’m doing now and want to do in the future, things I plan to read someday, and just about anything else that can be stored in a text file.

I don’t use my personal Backpack account for much right now, mainly just notes and info for Diana’s web site redesign, which I moved there so I could give her access to it. Work is another story however. My entire work life is stored in my work Backpack account. I’m using it mainly for daily to-do lists, reminders, and project notes.

Basecamp is a project management application that I’m considering using for work. If, that is, I can a) get everyone else to use it, and, more importantly, b) get my boss to pay for it. I’m evaluating a free, single-project account now and it looks really useful, especially since we don’t use anything like this currently. We’ve got at least half a dozen major projects going on right now that are organized solely via e-mail and a text files on our file server. Ugh.

What are other people using for stuff like this?