Physical security

They say that without physical security, you have no security at all. We were reminded of this today when it was discovered that our office had been broken into over the weekend. Someone stole the master key for the building, which can be used to enter offices on all ten floors. The key was in a firemans’ lock box which wasn’t damaged, suggesting they got their hands on a firemans’ key somehow.

Not much was taken from our office. The only equipment we’re missing is a new desktop computer that wasn’t in use and my boss’s Palm. Amazingly, they opened the server closet but didn’t take anything. Good thing, as it contains everything from our backup mail and DNS servers to the Asterisk-based machine running our PBX and voicemail system to our office file server. A few other offices reported missing laptops.

My boss asked if any personal items of mine were taken. I told him yes, I left my brand new Powerbook here over the weekend and it’s now missing. He didn’t buy it.