Vegas recap

We got back from Las Vegas Tuesday evening. A great time was had by all, of course. We didn’t go to most of the places I mentioned in my last post. We had to skip Red Square because, as we discovered after walking to Mandalay Bay due to the tram being out of service, they close at 2:00am, and Venus is no longer open at all, leaving Las Vegas without a single tiki bar of note. In place of Venus we found a nightclub called Vivid. As in Vivid Entertainment (NSFW), it turns out.

The Las Vegas monorail, which should have been running the last time we were there, is now open and very convenient (except that it also closes at 2:00am). We saved a ton of money on cabs. It’ll be great once it extends all the way to the airport. I understand the buggy whip manufacturers cab companies are fighting that, complaining that it will cause them to lose revenue.

We made up for missing Venus by going to the Conga Lounge last night to meet up with some classmates of Sarai’s. They were showing Gilligan’s Island episodes on the TV and playing Kraftwerk (???). Also, they make the best Mai Tais ever.