Application authentication update

I continued googling after my cross-application authentication post the other day and discovered that this same exact conversation is happening right now with the WordPress developers. I was searching the WP wiki, which also runs MediaWiki, when I found transcripts of an IRC conversation that happened that very day. The result is that I now know about AuthPress, an upcoming MediaWiki extension that will allow that application to authenticate users against WordPress’s user table.

It looks like it’s still in the early development stages though, and requires MediaWiki 1.5, which is also still under development. This puts me in the position where I have to decide whether I want to base this new site around pre-release software or if I want to merge the user tables at some point after the site has gone public. I’m leaning toward not using it just yet because a) MediaWiki 1.5 looks like it may be released any time now, and b) I don’t expect to have a large number of users on the site for a while, so making these changes after launching shouldn’t be a big deal (famous last words, right?). I just started work on this project so I may even see stable versions of these things before it’s finished.