And so ends another nice long weekend. We wrapped it up by going to a party in the Mission where Tamera’s band was playing. Aside from the bands, entertainment included an all-too-easy game of Hipster Bingo. Bad ideas witnessed were drunk people climbing trees and people dropping fireworks on the bands in the backyard from the third-floor window. And these weren’t just your ordinary Black Cat firecrackers (although there were plenty of those, too), these included bottle rockets and Roman candles. Amazingly, no one caught fire or lost an eye (maybe that’s what all the big sunglasses were for). Sarai, however, was hit in the leg by a bottle rocket (thanks Tamera!). We thought we were out of range all the way at the back of the yard, but no, if this had been anything bigger, we would have been splattered all over the back fence. I was having bad Vietnam flashbacks of Charlie ambushing us on our way out. The coffee and pie at Nations afterward helped with that.

In what countries do people get three day weekends all the time? Preferably one where I will also be able to limit my work to, say, six hours a day on the four days left of the week. Alternately, where can I do that in San Francisco and still make decent money? Work is for suckers.

I may get a bit of a reprieve this week though. Thanks to the impending BART strike, I may be working from home for a few days. I’ll find out when I get up in the morning if the trains are running or not.