What’s on your desk?

There’s another “take pictures of your stuff” Flickr meme going around. This time you’re supposed to take a picture of your desk/workspace. These things are fun because you can pick out all the little details in the picture and add notes to them.

My desk

Also, our kitchen table, which is used as a desk more often than our actual desk is used, and my desk at work.


avitania says:

aeron chairs rock. i couldn’t live without mine. (well, i suppose i could, but my back would hurt a lot). worth every freaking penny.

I want that monitor. Mine is little more than a 30lb spaceheater. I’ll give you $50 for it.

shadyl says:

Neat and tidy- what a surprise. ;) I’ll have to take a picture of my desk in all of its messy glory when I get home.

saraicat says:

Only because he cleaned all my shit off of it before taking this pictures. :P

kchrist says:

Hey, I can claim to have a clean desk if it’s not my stuff that’s all over it, can’t I?

kchrist says:

Tania: Particularly nice was the fact that I got it so cheaply because Earthlink had a couple hundred of them to unload. They offered them to the remaining employees (and also to the ones they just laid off, which I thought was kind of a cruel joke) for $300 each. I briefly considered getting two, but I didn’t really have room for the second one.

kscaldef says:

I got one at $100 after our first round of layoffs at arsdigita.

Then when they went under entirely, they fired us, and then realized they didn’t have an inventory of our office and asked us to complete one on our way out. So, then I had two.